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Change of Registered Agents Services

Why Change Registered Agents with Jumpstart?

If you change your registered agent without notifying the secretary of state, penalties can include license revocation, fines, and your right to enter into legal contracts and/or gain access to the state court system could be revoked. Reinstatement proceedings could also include additional financial and legal hardships.

In order to change Registered Agents, you must first complete and submit a change of Registered Agent filing. This filing will allow you to stop using your current Registered Agent service and elect a new Registered Agent.

Save your time and we'll handle the paperwork for you.

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Benefits of Jumpstart Registered Agents


The address of the registered agent is public record. It is also the address used to serve lawsuits and other legal papers. Don’t get served in front of friends and family.

Stable commercial offices

Our registered agent offices are in commercial spaces and staffed during regular business hours meaning you don’t have to worry about missing important documents.

Compliance check-ups

We keep you posted on when you need to make your filings with your state. Your registered agent teams with us to make it as easy as a one-click filing in many instances.

Friendly Customer Service

You can expect the same customer service that comes with your Jumpstart account should you have any questions about your registered agent services. They are not only friendly but knowledgeable, too!


We’re here to help!

Our filing specialists  are ready to help! Get expert guidance on starting and managing your company.

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